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Welcome to Rogene Villamonte's

Rogene Villamonte has been baking and decorating cakes for over 13 years.  Many people think her cakes are the best they have ever tasted!  That's right, Rogene has brought back a decorated cake that really taste delicious and is sure to be one of the best (if not the best) you will ever eat.  Rogene's cakes are about tasting good first and looking good is a bonus.   Many bakers put more effort into the design and decoration of the cake and usually work with a dry, stiff cake that has no flavor.  You will find that Rogene makes a moist, delicious cake that is filled with the taste only a mother can create.

Rogene has baked for some of Nebraska's finest chefs. Many have said her cookies and cakes have no equal in taste, "they are just plane the best".  Rogene has put this web site together for her clients, friends, and family so they can have the convenience of ordering "on-line" and having a picture to pick from or get an idea from.  Rogene does not ship her cakes; this web site is for local pickup at Magic Shop, located here; Magic Shop
1125 N 10th Street
Lincoln, NE  68508
(Located Behind The Computer Magician)

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